About That Dirty Spot

Our Story

That Dirty Spot started, in 2014, in the Dry Clean & Laundry business – operating a store in a 3 building complex in Umhlanga Ridge. We worked hard focusing on fast turnaround and quality of services. In 2016, we began to expand our reach into the greater Umhlanga Ridge area by relocating to a more central and accessible location, now on Millennium Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge. We proved to ourselves and our customers that fast service and quality of work goes a long way by having expanded our small operation into a spoken brand.

That Dirty Spot has a processing plant on site and we are open 7 days a week and most public holidays offering you the best service at your convenience. We proudly currently employ 5 permanent and 2 temporary team members.
That Dirty Spot has been blessed to be able to offer our team members – competitive pay, a healthy working environment as well as working incentives.

Our pricing is very competitive and our track record of after sales service excellence can be proven.